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Use of proper test method and pre-test instructions for Shore hardness tester

2020-04-11 11:20:51

Shore hardness tester uses correct test method

Place your sample on the solid surface, seized shaw hardness tester, pressure foot pressure needle holes in the block edge at least 12 mm, smooth the pressure foot pressure on the sample, there cannot be any vibration, pressure and keep the foot parallel to the surface of the sample, so that the vertical earth pressure pressure needle into the sample, the force applied to just enough to make pressure and sample contact completely, except as otherwise provided, must be in pressure foot and try The sample shall be read within 1 second after contact. If it is read at other intervals, it must be stated that the hardness value shall be measured 5 times at different positions at least 6mm apart from the sample and its average value shall be taken.

Notes for inspection before test of Shore hardness tester

Before measurement, check that the needle of shore hardness tester should point to zero in free state. If the pointer value deviates from zero, loosen the screws at the upper right corner and turn the surface to align with zero. Then press the hardness tester on the glass plate. When the end face of the pressure needle and the bottom surface of the pressure foot are in close contact with the glass plate, the pointer should point to 100+/ -0.5ha. If it does not point to 100+/ -0.5ha, press the pressure needle several times slightly.

For example, when used on shore hardness tester test rack, the handle can be moved to make the work table rise to the fixed load weight, so that the end face of the pressure needle and the foot plane contact closely with the glass work table, the pointer should point to 100+/ -0.5ha. If it does not refer to 100+/-0.5HA, adjust the adjusting screw of the workbench plane. If the pointer still does not refer to 100+/ -0.5ha after adjustment, it is better to send it to the production unit for adjustment.



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