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Portable hardness tester for the use of environmental requirements

2021-12-09 10:16:50

The following hardness tester manufacturer xiaobian to talk about portable hardness tester requirements for the use of the environment

No direct light, no vibration, no strong magnetic field, no corrosive medium and serious dust environment.

1, avoid iron filings, oxide skin, dust and other foreign bodies into the machine, resulting in a short circuit burned machine, avoid in strong electromagnetic interference applications, such as: SMALL radio antenna, high frequency furnace around, resulting in abnormal instrument work,

2, no direct light, no vibration, no strong magnetic field, no corrosive medium and serious dust environment.


3,should be in the working temperature of 0℃ ~ 40℃, relative humidity ≤ 90 percent,

According to the principle of Richter hardness measurement, the Richter hardness tester can easily and quickly measure a variety of metal materials, instantly display the hardness measurement value at the same time, can be in a variety of hardness system (Brinell HB, Rockwell HRC, Vickers HV, Shaw HS) between the free conversion, can set the tolerance limit in advance, beyond the range of automatic alarm.

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