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Shaw Durometer rubber tire solutions

Shaw Durometer rubber tire solutions

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Rubber hardness is an important index of tire. Hardness can affect tire life, wear resistance, grip, handling and so on. The hardness of rubber will change with a variety of factors, so how to accurately control the manufacturing of each batch of tire hardness has become a key to the reputation and quality of tire products.

1. How to measure tire hardness

Shore hardness tester is a more widely used in rubber, plastic, acrylic plate, has the advantages of simple structure, small and easy to carry, easy to use and simple reading, can also be used with the composite frame into a desktop instrument to make the measurement value more accurate. When using shaw durometer, press the probe on the tire surface and obtain the rubber hardness (unit: HA/HD) at that point after holding it for three seconds.

The diagram below is the schematic diagram in use:

2. Innovation of new Shaw Hardness tester

With the improvement of tire quality, more and more customers on the accuracy of rubber hardness requirements also improved. From 5 shaol to 1 shaol or even lower to ensure mileage and quality. So many of the old pointer durometers are useless. The old rubber durometer because of the spring friction lag effect caused by the shaking of the tested parts and the surface force rebound will greatly affect the results, only in the laboratory can be correctly measured. The new Shore hardness tester has been redesigned to ensure accuracy of ±1% in any non-extreme environment.

3. Meet standards and targets overseas

SH375 hardness tester conforms to foreign standards (such as world standard ISO7619, Japanese standard JISK6253), and the newer NATIONAL standard 38119, only two domestic manufacturers and the most sophisticated foreign imports can meet. If you target overseas we will be your best quality and cheap partner.



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