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Shore hardness tester requirements for test specimens

2020-04-11 11:20:51

At present, the most commonly used Shore hardness tester in China is two pointer type Shore hardness tester

1 Shaw type A hardness tester

Shaw D type hardness tester

When using Shore hardness timing, A type A hardness tester reading below 10HA is inaccurate and the measurement results cannot be used. Type D hardness tester is recommended when the measured value of type A hardness tester exceeds 90HA. However, due to economic considerations, users generally only buy hardness tester and do not buy a fixed load frame, so novice operation is often not standard, resulting in a large deviation of the test results. How to use these two kinds of hardness tester correctly? In combination with the actual situation, the following methods are provided for the reference of test users

1. The surface of rubber and plastic samples should be smooth and flat, without mechanical damage and impurities and other defects.

2. Plastic samples and test temperature requirements;

(1) The plastic sample is square, with a side length of 50mm and a thickness of 6mm. Samples of 50×15mm are also allowed.

② Where possible, the samples shall be adjusted at laboratory standard temperature according to GB/T2941-1991 before testing. Comparison tests or series of tests must be carried out at the same temperature.

3. Rubber sample and test temperature requirements;

①, rubber sample thickness is not less than 6mm, width is not less than 15mm, length is not less than 35mm, sample thickness is less than 6mm, the same film can be overlapped determination, but not more than 3 layers. The film is parallel to the top and bottom.

② The room temperature was 23℃±5℃ during verification, and the durometer should be stored at this temperature for at least 1 hour before verification


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