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Portable Shore hardness tester

Portable Shore hardness tester

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  • Release time:2021-11-17 09:34:16
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The Shaw hardness tester meets the JJG metrology verification regulation, has the time holding function required by GB531, and the OLED highlight display


This instrument series is digital shore hardness tester, with accurate measurement value, simple operation, easy to carry, beautiful appearance and other advantages. It is suitable for plastic (such as film, medical appliances, etc.), synthetic rubber (such as seals, tires, rubber rollers, hose/belt,wire and cable, shock absorber, etc.) and other related chemical products hardness measurement.

Application scope:

SH800 meets the requirements of 80mN force measurement by JJG304 dynamometer

SH445 meets the requirements of 445mN force measurement by JJG1039 dynamometer method

Simple operation, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, metal shell

With test time selection function, in line with GB531 standard time requirements

Simple connection with fixed load frame, high precision stability measurement

SH800 is A type of digital display Schauer hardness tester, mainly used for plastic, synthetic rubber and other related chemical products hardness tester

SH445 is a digital shaul D hardness tester, mainly used for hard plastics, hard rubber and other related chemical products hardness tester

Highlight OLED display

USB universal charging jack

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