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Hand hardness tester

Hand hardness tester

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  • Release time:2021-11-17 09:34:16
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For unknown materials, with arbitrary hardness system direct multi-point calibration function

I. Functional features:

1, the appearance of the new design, novel modeling, convenient to hold, good technology.

2, 3.5-inch large LCD screen, 320×480 color graphic dot matrix, beautiful font and graphics, rich and clear information.

3, full Chinese display, menu operation, few keys, simple and convenient operation.

4. For materials with different elastic moduli, a simple calibration is needed to adapt to new materials

5, with arbitrary hardness system of multi-point calibration function, for materials without conversion table, users only need to prepare 2 to 10 different hardness of material sample blocks, hardness can be directly calibrated work. Arbitrary hardness system

6, high measurement accuracy -- up to ±3%HV,± 3%Hb,± 1.5hr (using the test bracket), in line with GB/T-34205,JJF1436, JB/T9377 test error requirements;

7, the test indentation is small -- smaller than the Richter hardness tester, need to use a high power microscope to see

8, fast measurement speed -- 2S output test results

9, easy to achieve online measurement -- compared with the Richter hardness

50 data stores -- Stores data including time information

11, data transmission mode is complete -- external bluetooth printer can be connected, data can be uploaded to the computer through USB interface

12. The probe can be measured at 360° without correction

13. All sensors and hosts are localization, and after-sales service is guaranteed

Two, scope of application:

1. Flange edge and gear root stamping parts, die, thin plate, surface hardened teeth and gear groove, taper part hardness measurement

2. Hardness measurement of shafts and thin-walled pipes and containers

3. Hardness measurement of wheel and turbine rotor

4. Tool edge hardness measurement of drill bit

5. Hardness measurement of welding parts

6. Measure deep holes with certain aperture depth, concave marks with large radian and irregular plane

7. Covering most of the industrial production of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and their alloys hardness measurement.

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