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Thickness instrument

Thickness instrument

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  • Release time:2021-11-17 09:34:16
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Measurement accuracy 1%h + 1um

1. The AD measurement method with stable code value is adopted, and the oscillation circuit method with unstable frequency is eliminated, so that the error of F1.5 value can reach 1%H+1 um, which is higher than the 3%H+1 um error of current coating thickness gauge.

2. Adopt precise detection circuit, the measurement value below 50um is more stable and accurate

3. Digital technology is adopted to effectively reduce the impact of field electromagnetic interference on measured values.

4. There are two measurement methods: continuous measurement method and single measurement method

5. Storage function: can store measured value and test time information at the same time

6. Buzzer prompts during operation

7. There are two shutdown modes: manual shutdown and automatic shutdown

8. Highlight LED backlight display for clearer display

9. Probe front end protective sleeve can be removed to adapt to small size space measurement

Range of application

1. Magnetic thickness measurement method (with F-type probe), can nondestructive measurement of magnetic metal substrate (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel) on the thickness of non-magnetic coating (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, enamel, rubber, paint, etc.).

2. Magnetic thickness measurement method can be equipped with F1.5,F3.5,F10 probes. The probe adopts ruby wear-resisting design, eliminates chrome plating design, prolongs the service life of the probe, and maintains long-term measuring accuracy.

Customized F sensors with measuring range from 200um to 20mm.

3. Eddy current thickness measurement method, with N-type probe to measure the thickness of non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate (such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.) (such as: enamel, rubber, paint, plastic, etc.).

4. Eddy current thickness measurement method can be equipped with N1.5,N3.5 probe, can be customized measuring range from 200um to 20mm of a variety of special-shaped N sensors.

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