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Ultrasonic durometer on - site testing of large workpiece

Ultrasonic durometer on - site testing of large workpiece

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In the past, sampling was used to detect large quantities of work pieces. A certain number of samples are extracted from each batch, and then the bench Vickers machine is used for testing. It is inevitable that unqualified workpieces will be missed in sampling detection. Ultrasonic hardness tester helps you quickly detect large quantities of workpiece, control the product quality of each assembly line.

1. Such as ultrasonic hardness tester

How to quickly measure the workpiece

In 1961, Dr. Claus Kleesattel, an American, invented the ultrasonic impedance measurement principle in order to solve the problem that the desktop Vickers hardness tester test time is long and the indentation observation has high requirements for the operator and can not be measured on site. The hardness tester designed by the ultrasonic impedance measurement principle is called ultrasonic hardness tester.

The principle of ultrasonic impedance measurement is to use a spring to produce the test force required for Vickers hardness measurement. The test force is applied to the user's workpiece through a vibration rod. The front end of the vibration rod is inlaid with a 136-degree standard diamond indenter, which forms a Vickers diamond indentation on the workpiece. The diagonal length of the indentation corresponds to the Vickers hardness, and the diagonal length of the indentation corresponds to the frequency change of the vibration rod, so the hardness of the workpiece can be known from the frequency change of the vibration rod.

2. Easy to use and fast detection

Commonly used desktop Vickers hardness tester because of the need to use a microscope to observe the indentation and measurement, the use of more troublesome, higher requirements for operators. Ultrasonic hardness tester as a hand-held vickers hardness tester quick value, simple to use, the operator is not high, use, at the same time ultrasonic hardness tester value quickly, the fastest can choose 1s value, the test speed is much faster than the desktop Vickers hardness tester, very suitable for on-site rapid testing.

For rapid detection on the assembly line, desktop vickers machine is obviously not applicable, the value is too slow, can't keep up with the speed of the assembly line, and hardness tester indentation on the Richter scale is too big, can cause greater damage to the surface, at this time, the ultrasonic hardness tester are used, the ultrasonic hardness tester value fast, indentation is small, can be installed in the pipeline for quick accurate measurement.


3. UH300 is portable and efficient

UH300 ultrasonic hardness tester meets GB/T-34205, JJF1436, JB/T9377 and other cutting-edge standards, and monitors the quality of each assembly line workpiece with features of portability, easy to use, high efficiency and low damage.

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