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Why shore hardness tester can be used as nondestructive testing method

2020-04-18 11:20:51

Due to the small indentation of Shore hardness tester, the surface damage of the workpiece is slight, generally no effect on large workpiece. For example, when testing the hardness of the engine cylinder block, it can prove this point very well. Due to the complex shape of the engine cylinder block, it was necessary to destroy the cylinder block to prepare a non-block sample and test it on the desktop hardness tester. Such not only efficiency is low, economic waste is big, the most important is to cause damage to cylinder body.


The reliability of hardness values measured by NDT resource network is greatly reduced due to the micro-cracks in cylinder block during failure. By using Shore hardness tester to test the hardness, the problem is solved easily, and the hardness can be tested around the cylinder hole, providing data for the early wear problem of the cylinder. For example, the engine crankshaft, the surface quality requirements are high, with desktop hardness tester can only be semi-finished hardness tester, otherwise it will affect the performance, after the use of Shore hardness tester, it can be directly tested on the finished product, slight indentation does not affect the product quality, thus greatly improving the economic benefits.

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