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Buying a durometer often misses several factors

2020-04-25 11:20:51

Now the Durometer market in China is fragmented and competing. When customers buy hardness tester, they often do not know how to choose, see the sample given by the manufacturer? I think my meaning is not very big, there is no alternative, can only rely on the impression of that is that, here I based on my experience to provide you with a few parameters can be used, hope to have peer correction, so that we can improve together.

1, good repeatability. This parameter is a comprehensive evaluation of the hardness tester, not a sample, such a machine to buy and what use?

2. Rigidity of the hardness tester. The rigidity of the hardness tester can not exceed 1.5 degrees as stipulated by the state. Few manufacturers can meet this requirement. This standard directly affects the measurement accuracy of the hardness tester. This is concerned with the technology of each manufacturer, a lot of small manufacturers are likely to pass through this one.

3, coaxiality is less than φ 0.2mm. Specifically, the upper pressure head and the lower lifting screw can be in the same vertical axis, the error can not be greater than φ 0.2mm. You can't do that visually, heh heh.

4, verticality is less than or equal to 0.08/100. This number is of course the smaller the better. Many manufacturers make it by feeling, looking at the vertical line, and some of it is through the vertical measuring instrument, which has a great error, mostly visual inspection, not standard.

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