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Innovation of new Shore hardness tester

2021-11-17 11:20:51


SH series of new Shore hardness tester innovative structure, effectively avoid the old pointer table hardness tester due to the spring friction lag effect caused by the shaking of the tested parts and the surface of the stress after the rebound greatly affect the results, can only be measured in the laboratory normal problems of the new Shore hardness tester can ensure the error of ±1 results in practical application

The new Shaw hardness tester conforms to foreign standards (such as the world standard ISO7619, Japan jISK6253, etc.) and the new NATIONAL standard 38119, only two domestic manufacturers and the most sophisticated foreign imports can meet. If your products face the world, it will be your best quality and cheap helper we overcome the influence of temperature and humidity, non-extreme temperature stable measured value, if the collocation of composite frame can further reduce the error by half.


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