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​PuXi Hardness: Our development and Vision

2021-11-17 11:20:51

PuXi Hardness  Co., Ltd. focuses on research and development strength, we pay attention to the development of the system in the process of research and development has a number of patents, with a professional sensor, microcontroller software and hardware, both product thinking and cutting-edge knowledge of the development team. We actively listen to user feedback, continuous improvement, to solve the industry for many years "users difficult to get started, the results have to calculate" problem; We value user experience as a company value.


We are committed to the vision of precision instruments to internationalization, the goal is to improve the technical level of domestic measurement and testing instruments, so that Made in China become China's wisdom. We will be more advanced in product precision, deepen the product line of professional management, hand in hand with strategic partners, to provide benchmarking products and solutions for the segmented industry; At the same time, by strengthening the research and development, operation system, improve product management ability, make the research and development results more industrialized and standardized, so that the channel is also synchronized development, and ultimately serve and help more enterprise users.

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